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Your Second Visit

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Adelaide CBD & Modbury

Our Chiropractic practise is designed specifically for people who live & work in the Adelaide CBD. Often people who work in the CBD find it hard to get to their Chiropractor because of the open hours. So we thought, hey lets set up a Chiropractic practise in the Heart of the Adelaide CBD so that all of the people working in the CBD can just pop in quickly before work or on their lunch break and get adjusted & feel great.

Your Second Visit
On your Second visit to our office.

We will…

  • Go through a Report of our findings from your History & Examination.
  • Show you & explain the findings of any X-rays (diagnostic imaging) that may have been required.
  • Discuss the management plan we feel will help you achieve optimal health.
  • Provide you with payment options.
  • Get you Adjusted and feeling great!

This visit will may take anywhere between 5-20 minutes, remembering everyone is individual & there case is a little different from the next.

We will endeavour to have you feeling great & back to doing the things you love as quickly as we can because no one likes to wait 🙂