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Return Visits

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Our CBD Chiropractic practise is designed specifically for people who live & work in the Adelaide CBD. Often people who work in the CBD find it hard to get to their Chiropractor because of the open hours. So we thought, hey lets set up a Chiropractic practise in the Heart of the Adelaide CBD so that all of the people working in the CBD can just pop in quickly before work or on their lunch break and get adjusted & feel great.

Return Visits
On a regular return visit you should allow up to 15 minutes from when you walk in the door to when you leave, adjusted & ready to take on the world because your feeling so good.

The process for a return visit is…

  1. You walk through the door (one of the girls will have given you a card that links you to you patient file & x-rays).
  2. You swipe in at the front counter & say hi to our lovely Chiropractic Assistants, this puts you next on list to get adjusted.
  3. You will be called to a table or room, when your turn comes.
  4. Once in here take off any heavy jackets, remove all items in your pockets.
  5. Grab a piece of face paper & lay down & relax (this helps with your Adjustment), Dr Kerr (Chiropractor) will be in very soon.
    • However if something has changed (Motor vehicle accident, another health problem, something was different odd or weird after you were adjusted last) since your last visit, Dr Kerr will want to know about this so please sit on the table & wait to talk to him!

We want to make it as quick and easy for you to get Adjusted. So that your nervous system and innate intelligence can express itself optimally, and you can leave our office feeling great & with heaps of time to do the things that you love doing!!!