Meet Our Team

Born and raised in New Zealand, Dr. Callum has been based across both of our Modbury and CBD locations for over 3 years now. Prior to Southern Cross Chiropractic, he has practiced in Adelaide, The Sunshine Coast and even did a stint working in regional South Australia! He now calls Adelaide home, along with his wife Ilea and their daughter Maisie.


“As a family Chiropractor, my primary focus is on helping you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Most people that come to see me initially are in pain and I get it, I wouldn’t want that either. We know and understand that by the time you feel pain, your body has been losing performance and function for many months or years. That leads to a decrease in your quality of life. Changing that part of someone’s life is what I get really excited! We’re all about thriving, not surviving and I hope to lead as a role model for exactly just how great we should feel and perform.


People performing at their best is my ultimate goal in practice. From Crossfit and F45 athletes, lawyers, tradies, busy Mums and clumsy dads, the people I enjoy helping everyday share an enthusiasm for being better just like I do.


It would be my pleasure helping you to be better.”

Dr. Callum Worsfold

Dr. Matt and his wife Charlotte consider themselves lucky to call Adelaide home after moving from New Zealand on a whim.  A tie that has been further solidified by the recent arrival of their daughter Olivia.

Growing up in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Matt was exposed to regular Chiropractic care since he was a teenager. Fast forward to his previous career as an emergency Registered Nurse he understood that he needed to keep himself healthy in order to take care of others; Chiropractic care was instrumental in facilitating this. Matt loves being part of a team that is committed to helping people achieve their health goals.


“I love coming in to practice and spending the day with people who place an emphasis on their health and wellbeing. Having received thorough training, I love taking care of people from all walks or crawls of life.  From infancy to elderly I look forward to seeing you in the office.”

Dr. Matt Linklater

Hi, I’m Roslyn!

Before becoming a Chiropractic Assistant I studied dance for 9 years (including 2 years full time!) so I understand the importance of taking care your body and how much of an impact something like injury or posture can have on your life.

Since working at Southern Cross Chiropractic my knowledge about the ways to look after yourself has grown tremendously! I enjoy learning about my spinal health, the nervous system, and how it benefits my overall way of life.

Working with Dr. Callum and Dr. Matt is a pleasure. I really enjoy the way we look after our people in a holistic way rather than focussing on the one thing that might be ‘broken’. Nothing is worse than being in pain or feeling unwell, which is why seeing the improvements in our patients makes me so proud to work here. Not only that, but I love getting to meet people from all different walks of life.


Three Facts you might not know about me:

– I’m Half Filipino and half Australian.

– I love putting Fruchocs in my popcorn at the movies

– I Love to go on hikes with my husband


Hi, I’m Tash!

I’m the newest team member at Southern Cross Chiropractic! Prior to becoming a Chiropractic Assistant, I went on a transformation journey of healing my health naturally. This brought to light the importance and benefits of holistic healing toward my everyday emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Being part of Southern Cross Chiropractic, everyday I have the privilege to work with an exuberant team that inspires me to live and be my best self, as I continually grow my understanding about just how awesome Chiropractic is! It is always a rewarding feeling connecting with others and contributing positively in their healing journey.


Three Facts you might not know about me:

– I enjoy collecting crystals.

– I love going for nature walks.

– My naughty indulgence is hot chips.


Hey! I’m your Office Manager, Lynelle.

Chiropractic Care has been part of my life since my early 20s and my life has been so much better for it. I genuinely love each and everyday at Southern Cross Chiropractic! I’m part of a team that has the opportunity to really bring the best Chiropractic care to everyone that steps through our doors.

The favourite parts of my day are getting to know our client family, celebrating your wins, and delivering my own little bit of sass along with that (you’ll notice I have a very cheeky personality!).


Three facts you might not know about me:

– I love campfires, even when the smoke burns my eyes.

– I fancy going on long drives with my camera.

– I’m always up for a good chortle (chortle; verb – to laugh in a noisy, gleeful way).


We will go above and beyond to get you exceptional results!