Feeling Vs Function

Feeling Vs Function – Explored by Southern Cross Chiropractic

One of the most frequently asked questions about Chiropractic is “Why do people keep coming back all the time? I have a friend who went once & now she has been going for 5 years!” Questions & comments like these are great because it means you are inquisitive & want to understand WHY!

The Answer is it’s all a matter of how well we FUNCTION!

Feeling Vs Function











As we know Chiropractic aims to help you nervous system flow as it should & your vital force flow unimpeded from your Body to your Brain & Brain to your Body! And we do this by removing SUBLUXATION and with it the interference in you Brain-Body-Brain connection, allowing the body to FUNCTION as it should.

Back to Feeling Vs Function. Many people say I am feeling great why would I need to see a Chiropractor? Well here is it is folks, our bodies are AMAZING they are much more complex than any machine & your brain is by far & away more complex than the greatest super computers!

When our body is under STRESS from the environment we provide it (The 3 T’s: Trauma, Toxins & Thoughts), our amazing body ADAPTS to these changes in environment by altering your PHYSIOLOGY (bodies functions), this allows us to got about our daily business and still feel pretty good!

Lets use pain as an example because as soon as we are in pain we want to get rid of it. But is pain a bad thing? Pain is your bodies equivalent of the flashing light on the dashboard of your car that flashes when you need fuel it is saying WARNING WARNING something needs to change here there is too much STRESS on one of the SYSTEMS & my FUNCTION is well below what it should be!

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Our Receptors (information gatherers from body & brain) act much like those buckets at theme parks that fill with water then once they get to a certain point they TIP, this is the same with your receptors they fill up with a stimulus (STRESS) & then when it gets too much it tips sending the message to the body saying “HEY THIS HURTS STOP IT!!!” So again we can deal with so much STRESS but then the body being the AMAZING thing it is says to us we need to make a change! At this point the body is FEELING PAIN indicating that it’s FUNCTION is not quite right!
This change in today is often to take pain relief medication, so we can PUSH ON  & continue to do what we are doing, we are pushing our bodies to breaking point by doing this. It’s like putting a band aid over your fuel light in your car & continuing to driving ignoring the fact you need fuel!

Eventually you will run out of fuel or breakdown, in our case we get really run down then get “SICK”! At this point you know you could FUNCTION better!

The message to take home is that if the messages from your Brain to your Body & from Body to your Brain are able to flow as they should you will function optimally & allow our AMAZING body to best adapt to the STRESSES we put it under! This is not the end of the story either it’s not as simple as just getting ADJUSTED & everything will be perfect it’s about managing your lifestyle & the STRESSES you put you body under.

To Feel Amazing & move towards optimum Health we want to cover the 5 pillars:

  1. Be well Adjusted – See your Chiro regularly so the Nervous system functions optimally.
  2. Get enough good quality Sleep & Rest – 7-8 hours is the optimum for an adult
  3. Move – We are designed to move 30 minutes of physical activity every day is the MINIMUM REQUIRED!
  4. Eat/Drink the right foods – You are what your eat! (this is not a myth!!!)
  5. Positive thoughts – You create your own reality with the thoughts you have so be HAPPY!

Finally, the reason SO MANY visit their Chiropractor regularly is because they understand that their Health is their most valuable asset & that seeing a their Chiropractor value adds to the asset every time they come in! They know that their FUNCTION is not necessarily 100% just because they feel good; fuel in your care is not full just because the red light isn’t flashing!

So to FEEL AMAZING & FUNCTION at your best book an appointment come in & see us at Southern Cross Chiropractic we would love to help you be the Healthiest Happiest Person you can be!

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