Dr Tim Leeming

Chiropractor (B.Chiro) (BAppSc Hons)

Member of Australian Chiropractors Association

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“I didn’t realise how great I could feel, how well I could perform and how healthy I could truly be, until I found Chiropractic.” 



I grew up trying my hand at every sport I was introduced to, and even managed to compete internationally in my chosen sport of rowing.  I thought I was pretty fit and healthy, but at that stage I still hadn’t found Chiropractic!  I wonder how much better I could have been.

Chiropractic means much more to me than a method of pain relief or improved movement.  Chiropractic is a lifestyle!  Like a great operating system, Chiropractic offers a simple, holistic and natural way to thrive in life (not just survive).  I am so excited to share this framework with people every single day in practice.

Having previously studied nutrition and worked with many athletes, I have a special interest in food and the role that food plays in either fighting dis-ease or fuelling it. 

I am often talking to people about the importance of eating real, unprocessed, natural foods and how this can help them to achieve greater energy, better sleep, enhanced performance and even decrease their pain levels.

At our Chiropractic office, there are so many ways in which we can help you to find a fantastic quality of life.  I like to use the analogy of the iPhone.  These days, an iPhone can do just about anything!  It’s an amazing tool.  You wouldn’t get an iPhone just to use it only for phone calls, would you?  

Getting adjusted is just the same.

Sure, an adjustment will probably get rid of your pain and help you to move a lot better, but that’s only just scratching the surface of what is possible!