Postural Changes

Do you experience:

  • have a job or daily routine that involves sitting or standing in one place?

  • notice your head position is forward with your shoulders rounded?

  • notice you tend to lean to one side when you’re sitting or standing?

  • find yourself slouching at the desk or in your car?

Imagine yourself sitting at your favourite café eating a delicious breakfast with your family. A table where all 4 legs are the same size does its job perfectly. Take just 2 millimetres off one leg of the table and all of a sudden it’s an unbearable nuisance!

Your body is exactly the same! Your body’s structure determines how well it functions. Good structure generally means good function. Just like the table, a couple of millimetres of imbalance left unchecked can increase the chances of problems later on in life.

It might be your own poor posture. It could be your kids or your loved ones. If you feel like postural changes are affecting your quality of life, perhaps it’s time for a check-up!

Our thorough assessment procedures aim to identify the exact cause of your problem and identify whether Chiropractic care is appropriate for you. We utilise on-site digital x-rays (if clinically appropriate) and digital postural assessments, allowing us to immediately look deeper and understand your problem. The information we gather on our initial assessment allows us to choose the most effective technique, tailor this to your needs, ensuring we are being incredibly safe all while delivering exceptional results.

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Postural Changes

Your body's structure plays a huge role in how you function.


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