Growth And Development

Kids can benefit from Chiropractic adjustments just as much as you can! Why might kids need Chiropractic care? The birth process can be a traumatic time for mother and baby. Especially in cases of medical intervention where forceps or extraction techniques are used, your infant’s neck and lower spine can be twisted and forced into some precarious positions. Even if only for a moment, these interventions can cause significant spinal distortions from day one. Doesn’t it make sense to have an expert in natural spinal health gently assess the spine of a newborn?

As kids grow up, they are constantly pushing their bodies in search of new adventures. Slips, trips, falls, bumps, scratches and bruises are all inevitable! Often, as parents we don’t get to see every single fall or bump that our kids experience throughout the day – particularly when the kids are away at day care, school or a friend’s house! Wouldn’t it be a good idea to get the kids checked out for any possible hindrances to their growth and development? It’s much easier to grown healthy children than to fix broken adults!

Both Dr. Callum Worsfold and Dr. Matt Linklater have kids of their own. The Chiropractic care used for children is specifically modified to be gentle and appropriate to the child’s age and developmental stage. If you have questions or concerns, both our Chiropractors are more than happy to have a discussion over the phone with you. Simply call us to chat and see whether Chiropractic care is right for your family.

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Neck pain

Neck pain is becoming increasingly common due to the demands of our everyday life.

Back pain

Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide.


Headaches and migraines can be caused by spinal dysfunction.

Shoulder and Hip pain

Your shoulders and hips are immediately adjacent to your spine.

Sciatica and Nerve Pain

Your sciatic nerve is a large nerve that's made up of many nerve fibres.

Growth and Development

Kids can benefit from Chiropractic adjustments just as much as you can!

Postural Changes

Your body's structure plays a huge role in how you function.


Your Chiropractor might just be your best friend throughout your pregnancy!


Stress can come in many forms and will affect each of us differently.