Your Chiropractor might just be your best friend throughout pregnancy!


As your body goes through significant structural and hormonal changes in the short span of nine months, it is not uncommon to experience aches, pains and general feelings of dysfunction.  Many expecting mothers turn to natural, gentle Chiropractic care to help them through.

Chiropractic adjustments encourage optimal spinal health during pregnancy, which can allow the pelvis to remain naturally balanced as it continues to change shape and bear the weight of a growing baby.  As your body and posture changes, back pain and other bodily pains are common occurrences. 

Chiropractic care through pregnancy has been associated with decreased labour time, as well as fewer aches and pains throughout pregnancy and less of a need to take pain medication.  Regular Chiropractic adjustments can be very beneficial to the breastfeeding mother as well, particularly with posture!

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