We’re based in the heart of the Adelaide CBD


We take care of many corporates and city-based workers. 

More often than not, working in the city involves a lot of time at the desk.  Whether sitting or standing for long periods, chances are you’re staring at a screen for much of the day.  Your head is perched forward, your neck and eyes are straining.  Those muscles between the shoulder blades and up under the base of your skull get tired.

We know all too well the detrimental effects that looking at a screen or sitting or standing in the same position for a large number of hours per week can have on your spinal health.  Let’s not forget the STRESS that comes with long hours of working in the busy city!  The role of stress in poor health outcomes is not a foreign concept anymore.

We provide Chiropractic care that is perfectly suited to busy people who work in the Adelaide CBD. 

Our office is conveniently located in Southern Cross Arcade, adjacent to Rundle Mall, and our appointments are time efficient, allowing you to promptly get back to your busy day (feeling a whole lot better!).

Allow us to ease the burden of work-related postural aches and pains, headaches from staring at a screen or the everyday stress that comes with it all. We offer same day appointments, onsite digital X-rays and results-driven Chiropractic care!

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