Kids can benefit from Chiropractic adjustments just as much as you can.


Why might kids need Chiropractic care?

The birth process can be a traumatic time for mother and baby. Especially in cases of medical intervention where forceps or extraction techniques are used, your infant’s neck and lower spine can be twisted and forced into some precarious positions. Even if only for a moment, these interventions can cause significant spinal distortions from day one. Doesn’t it make sense to have an expert in natural spinal health gently assess the spine of a newborn?

As kids grow up, they are constantly pushing their bodies in search of new adventures. Slips, trips, falls, bumps, scratches and bruises are all inevitable! Often, as parents we don’t get to see every single fall or bump that our kids experience throughout the day – particularly when the kids are away at day care, school or a friend’s house! Wouldn’t it be a good idea to get the kids checked out for any possible hindrances to their growth and development?

It’s much easier to grow healthy kids than to fix broken adults!

At Southern Cross Chiropractic, we love taking care of little ones. From early infancy onwards, we have the necessary training and skills to modify our assessment and adjustment techniques for the tiniest of humans. Watching children grow strong and resilient, with the help of Chiropractic care, is one of the most humbling and rewarding things we do. Chiropractic care is very safe for people of all ages, sizes and shapes!

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